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Much like starting any business, starting an ecommerce site is not easy, but the goal of setting up, launching, and maintaining sites where entrepreneurs, designers, and creators of all sorts can sell their wares is more attainable now than it ever has been. Ecommerce businesses—which are businesses that transmit goods, services and funds over the […]

The most anticipated smartphones of 2019

Byline  Andrew Hayward Huawei P30 Pro Sure, 2018 was an excellent year for smartphones, but we think 2019 could be even better. Why? Because we’ve already seen loads and loads of leaks. They show a next generation of handsets that are sleeker and sexier than before, smoothing out the rough edges of past smartphones while […]

Huawei P30 Pro hands-on review

Now above all, this is a photographic phone, which will no doubt become famed for its camera just as its predecessor was. The P30 Pro should set the bar even higher. Firstly looking at the camera array on back, you get: a 40MP 27mm f/1.6 ultra wide-angle main sensor, a 20MP wide-angle 16mm f/2.2 and an […]